5 Ways To Use A Vintage China Cabinet

5 Ways To Use A Vintage China Cabinet

Did you know there are multiple uses for a vintage china cabinet in your home? They‘re not just for holding fine china anymore. I’m going to list 5 ways to use a vintage china cabinet in your home by using different rooms other than the dining room and storing different things other than china. Here we go….

1 - Working Kitchen Hutch

This would be found in your farmhouse kitchen. You would store mixing bowls, daily dishware, measuring utensils, and cookbooks. We might find a lovely vintage pitcher with flowers on this vintage china cabinet. A common name for this hutch would be a Hoosier Cabinet. These are very popular in farmhouse kitchens and French Country Decor. I could see beautiful French pottery displayed on this vintage cabinet.

#2 - Dining Room

This is the traditional use for a china cabinet. This vintage cabinet would display fine china and possible silver pieces. Usually people who entertain and want to display their china and/or heirloom pieces would use a vintage china cabinet this way. A display of Christmas China passed down from your grandmother would be lovely during the holidays, with some vintage silver candlesticks and some twinkling lights.

#3 - Bathroom

Yes! Believe it or not there are types of vintage china cabinets that are used in a bathroom. This cabinet would be used to store towels, linens, soaps, candles and toiletries. I’ve seen these cabinets with the doors removed and beautiful towels stored and French soaps and lotions displayed. If French Country is your decor then you really need a vintage china cabinet for the bathroom.

#4 - Entryway

This China cabinet could be used with glass in or glass out. You could store mixing bowls, daily dishware, measuring utensils, faux flowers, and cookbooks. I’ve also seen vintage dishes such as the Blue Willow China and mixed blue and white jars and vases. Makes a lovely display. This could also be used to display Christmas heirlooms at the holidays. Display a beautiful wreath with twinkling lights. How festive would that be?

#5 - Apothecary Cabinet

An Apothecary Cabinet would be used to store and display teas, spices and herbs. A great way to enjoy your garden year round! Maybe even a collection of teapots and tea cups would look nice in this vintage china cabinet. Also, bouquets of lavender hanging from hooks and pretty apothecary jars to display the spices and herbs.

So, now you have 5 great reasons to go buy a vintage china cabinet! LOL! Do you use a vintage china cabinet in a unique way? I would love to hear about it! Drop in the comment below how you have your Vintage China Cabinet in your home. Please email me with how it’s used and any ideas you might have at nottooshabbyal@gmail.com.

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