About Us

Our Story

Our Story, Our Dream, started with... loss, a quest to save our household, and a risk.

In 2016, as many other families experienced, Kathy lost her job. Initially, this was devastating. As our pockets got tighter we became more willing to part with a few of our forgotten-about belongings on an app called "Let Go." We sold everything we could think of and implemented a new rule -- that everyone could benefit from! -- "If you haven't used it/ seen it in 3 years... GET RID OF IT."

Soon, we began to see the value in the items that other people were giving away. Neal had always been a handy-man and decided to spruce up a few pieces to resell. Soon our side project to get a few extra bucks took off. This uncovered a passion for restoration and antique furniture that would soon grow into Not Too Shabby. Fast-forward a few years and we have, not one but SEVEN, booths located in Timeless Treasures Antiques, an online store with exclusive inventory, several brand partners, and a supportive social media following that tune in every Sunday night 7:00 PM CST for live streams, Q&A's, and tutorials!

Our Inspiration

Sometimes a piece will just speak to us.

We'll know, the minute we see it, how we would like to transform it. The style and details of each piece just communicate exactly what it is we need to do. We take a lot of inspiration from social media, new and old trends. We also belong to countless creative groups that spark inspiration and new ideas!

One of our favorite places to look for inspiration is nature. Whether its right in our backyard or in the mountains nearby, just taking a look at the colors, textures, and mediums will inspire you to look at things differently.

A great way to get your creativity flowing is by trying new techniques! We offer a variety of live streams and classes that you can check out to try your hand at our favorite go-to restoration and painting methods. Read more about some of the products we use everyday, to create breathtaking pieces, down below!