6 Antique Chair Styles

6 Antique Chair Styles

I had no idea there were so many different antique chair styles! So, I’m just going to cover some chair styles that are currently in our booth. But I assure you this is only a drop in the bucket.

Antique Chair Style #1 - The Barrel Back Chair

The chair above is not a true example of a barrel back chair, but it does have some of the attributes of a barrel back. You can see the back is rounded and is raised with the arms attached. We actually have two of these so they could be used as a separate, more intimate seating in a large room. Or used with a sofa grouping.

Antique Chair Style #2 -The Queen Anne Wingback Chair

The way to tell if you have a Queen Anne Wingback is actually by the legs. These legs are cabriole legs. They mimick the natural curvature of an animal’s leg. These chairs were introduced around the 1720’s. Their elegance makes them perfect for a formal living room or office.

Antique Chair Style #3 - The Rococo Style Chair

The Rococo design began in France. Lots of intricate detail and ornamentation. Note the carvings in the wood. A lot of the pieces had gilding and extremely ornate. This one is fairly simple but still beautiful.

Antique Chair Style #4 - Vintage Mid 20th Century Channel Back Wing Chair

This antique chair is considered a wingback chair due to its legs and high back. However, not the upholstery on the back and how it is in channels. This chair screams of French Country with the red toile upholstery. A perfect chair for the popular French Country decor.

Antique Chair #5 - The Accent Chair

This chair can be used almost anywhere in the home. Perfect for a bedroom or hallway, almost any little nook. You can always use a chair in any room. This one takes up little space and has great style. And honestly, every home needs at lease one accent chair.

Antique Chair #6 - Corner Chair or Setee

To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t really think this is an antique chair style. But it‘s so unique I had to include it in this blog. I’ve never see chairs like this before. They can be used individually in a corner or put together to form a setee. How cool is that?

As I said before, this is just a drop in the bucket as far as the different styles of antique chair styles go. Please let me know at Nottooshabbyal@gmail.com if you have a really unique chair and how you use it in your home. The most important thing to me for a chair is that it’s stylish and comfortable.

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See ya’ll soon!

Kathy & Neal

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