How to Paint with Fusion Milk Paint

How to Paint with Fusion Milk Paint

What I’ve learned this past week painting with Fusion Milk Paint. Milk Paint is an entirely different medium from mineral paint.

Tip #1 - Follow Instruction

Mix the milk paint according to directions. I tried winging it and take it from me, it didn’t work out so well. When mixed with the right amount of water it is a beautiful milky consistency. The ratio is one to one equal parts. If you want it a little thicker you can add more of the paint powder. On this piece I used Toasted Coconut.

Tip #2 - Drys Quickly

One of the great things about milk paint is it drys quickly. You should be able to paint your second coat in about 30 minutes. I finished the piece below in one day.

Tip #3 - Zero Brush Strokes

Can you believe it? It is virtually impossible to have brush strokes with milk paint. I just painted this piece and I was amazed at how smooth it is.

Tip #4 - Finish up with wet sanding

This was an amazing way to finish the piece! Using Fusion Hemp Oil while sanding the piece was incredible. The piece was left with a chippy, smooth, professional finish. Just see for yourself!

This piece is painted in Toasted Coconut. I love the color, a soft off white which looks gorgeous with the natural knobs and top.

Click the link below if you wish to purchase Fusion Milk Paint.

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