What is Milk Paint? And Why I Love Fusion BEST!

What is Milk Paint? And Why I Love Fusion BEST!

I am asked all the time “What is Fusion Milk Paint and is it different from Chalk Paint”? I am going to answer these questions and more in todays blog. I love painting with the Fusion Milk Paint the best. I have painted with others but I really think Fusion is the best. They also have a range of beautiful colors.

The piece below is one that I painted. It was my first time to use Fusion Milk Paint. I thoroughly enjoyed the process! The paint coverage was amazing. I couldn’t believe it would cover so well when it was so thin! I’m sure a lot of people have the same thought. But I did this in two coats! The color is Toasted Coconut and it is a fan favorite. A great off white color that can be used in any room. I wet sanded this piece with Hemp Oil. The Hemp Oil kept it so clean and simple. No dust anywhere! And the Hemp Oil is a great top coat! So you accomplish two things at once.

What is Fusion Milk Paint made from? And Why is it called Milk Paint?

Fusion Milk Paint is made from Minerals such as Limestone, clay, chalk and Casing (milk protein). It also has natural pigments that make the beautiful colors. So, I guess you see why it’s called milk paint? It has Casing, which is a milk protein. Milk paint has been around for a long time and has been used for over 30,000 years! YES! You read that right! 30,000 YEARS!

Is Milk Paint hard to Mix?

Mixing Milk Paint is easier than mixing a batch of pancakes! Yes, it’s that simple. Just mix equal parts Milk Paint with equal parts water. Then you can decide where you go from there. You can make it thinner by adding more water or thicker by adding more paint. You can thin it to create a stain or wash. You can thicken it by adding more paint if you want a heavier coverage.

Why Paint with Milk Paint?

Milk Paint is all natural organic materials. So, if you like a more natural organic product then Milk Paint is definitely the way to go. You can achieve a rustic, farmhouse look or you can achieve a modern sleek look. It really just depends on your surface or the finish on the wood on which you are painting. It’s all in the application and surface. If you want sleek and modern, just lightly sand between coats and you will have a soft sleek buttery finish.

What is the difference in Fusion Milk Paint and Fusion Mineral Paint?

First, lets begin with the similarities:

  • They’re both extremely durable.
  • Little or no VOC - so little or no scent to irritate sensitivities or allergies.
  • UV resistant - BOTH are resistant to UV Rays. So they are a great product for outdoor use.

Now let’s talk about the differences:

  • Milk Paint is a powder so it‘s eco friendly for shipping AND powder lasts forever!
  • Once mixed it will last for weeks as long as you keep it in an airtight container in a cool place. Doesn't’ have to be refrigerated.
  • NO brushstrokes - Fusion Milk Paint is virtually impossible to have brushstrokes. Because it‘s so thin brushstrokes are practically impossible.
  • Fusion Milk Pain dries and cures in 30 minutes! Yes! You read that right! Dried and cured in 30 minutes. This is the ONLY paint on the market that dries and cures in 30 minutes. You can have a piece ready to go in less than an hour!
  • Superior durability - Fusion Milk paint is ideal for raw wood. It soaks into the wood virtually becoming part of the wood.

Do you have to top coat Fusion Milk Paint?

You do have to top coat Fusion Milk Paint. Fusion has wonderful options to top coat the Milk Paint. They have Hemp Oil, Clear, Colored, or Bees wax and Stain and Finishing Oil. These products brings out the true richness of the color.

So, you see Fusion Milk Paint is a fantastic, durable paint and so easy to use. If you are interested in learning more about Fusion Milk paint please sign up at Nottooshabbyal.com for our Fusion Milk Paint workshop. All supplies will be provided and you will have a piece to take home with you. It’s a two hour class and we always have a great time!

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Kathy & Neal

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