3 Tips for Waxing Furniture

3 Tips for Waxing Furniture

Are you intimidated by wax? I know, at one time the thought of using Black or Brown wax terrified me or filled me with dread. I knew it would look good but I just wasn’t sure how to apply it.

Well, fear no more! I am going to give you 3 easy tips for applying wax and you will see what a difference it can make in your project. It can take it to whole new level.

Tip #1

When using a black or brown wax to emphasize detail you don’t want a stark line. So I use a fluffy little makeup brush to blur the line. Use a small brush to make the line then go over it with the makeup brush to smudge and give it a smoky look. See the video below.

Tip #2

What about Gilding Wax? I simply LOVE Gold Gilding Wax. It is one of my favorite things! To me, it just brings a richness and elegance to a piece of furniture. AND, it‘s so easy to use. This wax is LAST. After you’ve done everything else then you add this final touch.I usually just use my finger and rub it on the high spots. Of course, there are several different kinds of gilding wax, there is a paste and there are liquids. The liquids are great to paint on hardware.

Tip #3

Using Black or Brown wax with Gilding wax. This creates an amazing effect. The dark wax give the gilding wax an aged worn look that really can take your project to another level. You can see in the picture above the black wax underlying the gilding wax.

And here is the final piece. You can see the shading with the black wax and then I applied the gold gilding wax to give it an elegant regal look. This piece sold in less than a week!

I hope you try these tips and create your own masterpiece. Please let me know if you do! You can purchase these waxes on our website and they are currently on sale. Click on the button below to go to the website. All Jolie products are on sale right now.


Jolie Black Wax

Jolie Gold Gilding Wax

Custom mix of Jolie Graphite paint and Jolie Pure White

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