Custom Hand Painted Furniture is Our Forte

Custom Hand Painted Furniture is Our Forte

I started custom painting furniture about ten years ago. I remember I was so amazed that someone would actually trust me to paint their furniture. But when I saw that customers face after I hand painted her piece I was hooked! She was thrilled and I’ve never been happier. Custom hand painted furniture is our forte. Below I will walk you through the application process for a custom painted piece furniture.

Above are some examples of some custom painted pieces I have done. Sometimes I have pieces in stock that I can paint or a customer will have a piece they want painted.

Step #1

Go to and click on Custom Order. This will open the page to the application. Complete the application and submit.

Step #2

Once your application is received I will contact you and we will discuss the details. The information I will need about your piece to accurately give you a quote:

  • Pictures of the piece
  • Size of the piece
  • Do you have pictures of the way you want it to look when finished?
  • What color(s) do you want it painted and what kind of finishes do you want?

Step #3

Price quotes depend on the number of paints to be use and the technique required. For example, one color of paint with a top quote will not cost as much as blending paint colors and using multiple finishing products.

Step #4

There are several different ways to finish as piece as well. There are different colors of waxes that can be used for shading and highlighting. Everyone that knows me knows I love gold accents. Gold hardware and gold on detail is definitely my jam!

Step #5

The hardware or the handles/pulls on the piece must also be taken into consideration. Do you want to keep the hardware or have it replaced? If you want to keep it, do you want it cleaned or maybe painted, or gilding wax applied? Do you want it replace by me or will you purchase? Hardware/handles can make or break a piece of furniture.

Step #6

Delivery and pick up will also have to be considered. If you wish to have the piece picked up by me and delivered after it‘s finished this will increase the price.

Step #7

Last Of all, after all of the details are nailed down, I will email a contract to you. The price will be included and all of the above details will be included as well. A deposit of half the price will be required and the final payment is due prior to delivery.

When you’re thinking of having custom painted furniture just know what you want when you apply. I can advise but I can’t decide for you. You have to know what you like and what you are looking for and remember this is a custom curated piece for you and no one will have one like it. One of a kind artisan furniture piece.

I would love to give you a quote if you are looking for someone to custom paint a piece for you. You can contact me directly at if you have questions about the application process.

To see more pictures of pieces we have painted please visit our Facebook page at And if you like what you see please Like and Follow us to see what we’re up to! We’re also on Instagram at

Thank you so much for your continued support! Lots of great things coming in the next few months!


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