How I Transformed this Piece

How I Transformed this Piece

When I saw this piece of furniture I immediately had a vision for the transformation. I know that sounds a little mystical but it’s true. Sometimes I immediately know what I want to do a piece when I see it and I love it when the happens. It is a confidence that you feel knowing exactly what look you are going for. And the next step is just figuring out how to get there.

Looking at this piece the first thing I noticed was the beautiful hardware and the plain flat front. I loved the graceful legs it had too. I felt a French vibe from this piece right away. So I needed a French color and some French details. I would begin there.

So, now I knew I wanted Fusion Paisley for my color. A beautiful soft, silvery, French blue. And the Iron Orchid Designs Swags Mould would add fabulous detail to the plain front of the piece. And what could be more French than the Iron Orchid Designs Rose Toile Stamp on the sides? And I was going to use Brasso on the brass hardware and bring it back to the original shine. I was so excited to get started on this piece!

Step 1

I cleaned the piece inside and out with Fusion TSP Alternative, gave it a little scuff sand with a 220 grit, then cleaned it again. I loved this product because it is organic and has no smell. Oh, and it cleans like a dream and you don’t have to rinse!

Step 2

I made the moulds for my trim. I wanted a French look so I chose the rose swag. The moulds were easy to make. I used Iron Orchids Designs Air Dry Clay. The clay is soft and pliable and really picks up all the details of the moulds and dries quickly. I measured across and calculated how the moulds should be placed. I let them air dry for an hour or so and then used Tight Bond Quick and Thick to attach them to the drawers. The moulds were still pliable enough that I could make adjustments as needed. They were the perfect detail for this piece.

Step 3

After placing the moulds I applied 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Paisley. I LOVE this color. It was perfect for this piece. Plus, with Fusion Mineral Paint you don’t have to apply a top coat. The paint has acrylic in it so it dries hard and self seals. However, I did put a top coat on the top of the chest to give it extra protection.

Step 4

After applying my paint and letting it dry overnight I did a dry brush of Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence a white paint, to bring out the details on the moulds. I just dipped the tip of my brush into the paint and then wiped most of it off. Then I lightly brushed over the moulds. It was a perfect way to accent the details.

Step 5

Now it was time to apply the Rose Toile to the sides of the piece. I wanted it to look old and worn. So I used IOD White Decor Ink on the IOD Rose Toile Stamp. I just took my ink pad and applied it to the stamp lightly and then stamp the side of the chest. It was the perfect addition. Check out the video below of how easy it was to apply the stamp.

Step 6

Almost finished. All that was left was to put the hardware on and put a top coat on the top. I cleaned my hardware with Brasso (applied a little elbow grease). Which brought back the beautiful gold shine. Then I used Fusion Tough Coat in Matte on the top of the piece. It is perfect for protecting the top from water rings or scratches.

II have to say, this piece turned out exactly as I wanted. As I said, I had a vision of a French piece and I feel like that’s what I got. As a matter of fact, this piece sold the day after we put it in our booth! I love it when that happens!

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