Why Take a Furniture Paint Class

Why Take a Furniture Paint Class

Is it really worth the time and money to take a paint class? I have to say ABSOLUTELY! I have taken numerous painting classes and I continue to do so. You can never learn too much, in my opinion. It can also be a great way to learn about a specific paint line.

Do we ever stop learning? I don’t think so. If we keep an open mind and a willing heart we continue to learn and improve our whole lives. No matter how much we know about a subject there’s always room to learn.

I’ve been painting furniture over 5 years and I still have much to learn. Every day I see new techniques and new ideas. We’re all different so it stands to reason we all come up with different ways of doing things and I love to try new things, such as wet sanding with Hemp Oil. If you’re interested in learning that technique check out my previous blog here.

This is why I’m so excited about the workshops I’m doing next month. The first workshop will be on Fusion Milk Paint. We will paint and top coat a piece you can take home. We will have the Hemp Oil so you can give it a try! The IOD Fall Wall Decor class we will be using IOD Stamps, Transfers and Moulds to create wall decor for your home. This is a great opportunity to try the products IOD offers and see which ones you really like or if you like them all! You will learn so much in these workshops!

The classes will last 2 hours and they will be at Timeless Treasures in Oxford, AL. Please register now for the classes as the seating is limited. There are only 6 seats available. Hope we see you there!

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